About Us

The idea behind this website is to build something by players and for players. That is why our site motto is: 'The Player's Source for Casino Information'.

The Online Casino Advisory is a product from the minds of several veteran casino experts, analysts, webmasters, journalists, designers, and most importantly, players.

It was a requirement for all of our gaming journalists to play at at least five online casinos extensively before they could be even be considered to be hired to write for this site. Our reviews and tips are meant to come from the player's perspective, while our news articles are reported and written professionally.

Below you will find a list of our writers and player advisors followed by a quick description of their experience in the casino field.

Our Writers and News Reporters

If our writers and reporters aren't experts in the online casino industry, then they are experts in the land based casino industry. Below is a quick synopsis of all the writers, reporters, experts, and players, of the Online Casino Advisory.

Ed Bradley
Title: Expert Gaming Analyst, Senior Writer, Senior Editor
Experience: Worked as a reporter for local newspapers after gaining a degree in Creative Writing. Began creating information portals in 2001, then entered the online casino market with his first independent news site in mid-2004. Has over 1,000 hours of online casino gaming experience. Has relationships with operators, affiliate managers, and customer service reps at online casinos. Is considered an general gambling business expert analyst.

Julie Wong
Title: Senior Writer, Press Release Editor, Senior Editor
Experience: Has worked three years with large press release firm based on the web. Has edited more than 3,000 articles in that time. Has played over 40 hours at online casinos and mainly specialized in testing Microgaming casino software.

A.J. Maldonado
Title: Writer
Experience: Freelance writer for many gambling websites across the web over the past two years. As a close observer of the news A.J. is on top of most of the casino expansion issues across the United States. He has the least amount of time spent at online casinos, but perhaps the most amount of time spent at land based ones. A.J. is friendly with many pit bosses and often gets the inside scoop on breaking stories.

Preston Lewis
Title: Writer
Experience: Another of our writers who has much more experience in the land based casino area of life. Preston is not a big online player, although since joining our team over a year ago he played more than 100 hours at places like Rushmore and Golden Casino.

Joshua McCarthy
Title: Writer
Experience: Graduated with MFA in literature. Spent four years as a researcher for local and state governments before leaving that line of work in order to build his own websites in 2004. Runs a few well known gambling portals and bartends at the local casino in his hometown. Josh is familiar with casino managers at land based casinos and travels to areas to research stories he works on.

Matt Miller
Title: Writer
Experience: Matt is a newbie to the professional writing field of life, but he has started many businesses that have succeeded until he sold them. Matt is one of the most opinionated writers on the Online Casino Advisory staff and his articles sometimes will feel more like blog posts than journalistic news stories.

Tom Weston
Title: Writer
Experience: Tom is a professional poker player, or rather, he makes his living by playing poker online. In his spare time he keeps a close eye on the online casino and gambling industry, as well, he loves to visit Las Vegas, Gulf Coast, and Atlantic City casinos in order to participate in poker tournaments. Tom has the most amount of clocked hours playing at online gambling sites, however, most of those hours are spent at online poker rooms.

K.C. Carmichael
Title: Writer, Editor, Programmer
Experience: K.C. is the programmer behind the Online Casino Advisory. He also focuses his energies on writing articles involving gambling business related stories. K.C. plays around in the stock market, which he believes to be just as much of a gamble as any poker or blackjack game at a casino.

Virginia Maddox
Title: Writer, Editor, Web Designer
Experience: Virginia serves as the sites peace maker. When the guys get together for meetings, Virginia keeps everyone in line. Ms. Maddox has been a manager at an online casino that is now out of business and has several insights to the industry that will not be found elsewhere. Virginia serves as a primary editor for the Advisory, and she also developed the design for the site.