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Video Poker Could Be Coming to a Casino Near You

Live dealers may soon be a thing of the past for casino poker players as computerized dealers are the new trend in the popular game.

Play Now at Las Vegas USA Casino! Poker is available at most casinos because of its popularity among gamblers. However, for most casinos, it is not the big money-maker they are accustomed to having at their venues because the rake is small compared to other types of casino gambling.

Internet poker has changed the expectations of many poker players when it comes to live dealer action. Due to its nature, Internet poker utilizes software that is powered by computers to deal electronic cards. The speed of play is much faster than live action dealers, allowing more hands to be played in a shorter time period, which allows the host casino to increase its take, and it costs much less to utilize as there are no salaries to pay from the rake. The downside of video poker is that the player does not physically hold cards.

The State of Nevada Gaming Control Board  is currently testing the electronic version of poker to determine if they will allow it to be offered in the state.

Currently there are seven U.S. casinos that offer this type of poker, Carnival Cruise Lines and a few casinos in Macau also offer it.

Casinos like the idea of dealer-less poker as it does not require a dealer or expensive card shuffling machines, and it allows for faster games that will increase the casinos bottom line.

Poker is one of the only table games that are offered which has no interaction with dealers as gamblers play against each other and not the house, millions of Americans are comfortable with electronic poker as demonstrated by it's popularity on the Internet.

Published on November 27, 2007 by MattMiller

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