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Red Sox Pitcher Gambles By Dating Penthouse Pet

Ellyson also has starred in several movies, according to the International Movie Database.

For those who might entertain the thought of placing bets on baseball games involving the Boston Red Sox, there is a new factor to be considered. Promising young pitcher Clay Buchholz is in a dating relationship with 2008 Penthouse Pet of the Year Erica Ellyson.

This might seem incidental to some; after all, rich, handsome young men are often associated with sexy young women. But baseball's history of relationships between players and media figures may be an indicator of distractions to come for Buchholz.

Carl Pavano's years dating Alyssa Milano have led, directly or coincidentally, to a career spent on the disabled list. Kris Benson's model wife Anna so disturbed things around the New York clubhouse that the Mets sent the pitcher into the purgatory of Baltimore. And Chuck Finley's marriage to Whitesnake inspiration Tawny Kitaen led to her getting mug pictures and him stuck with the image of a battered husband.

Even Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has had to deal with constant sniping at the possible negative effect of his relationship with Jessica Simpson upon his football play.

Aside from the nude modeling which won her the Penthouse crown, Ellyson also has starred in several movies, according to the International Movie Database. These include "Nice Girls Are Easy... To Tie and Gag!" , "August's Nude Bondage Nightmare", and "Innocent Heroines Stripped and Bound."

Asked if he thought the Red Sox should interfere with the relationship, Sox fan Brian Donohue said," Sure! Give her to me, I'll make sure she stays away from him!"

Another fan outside Fenway Park, known only as Oily Tom, responded to the same question by muttering,"Wicked hot. She is just wicked hot." A group of fans wearing Sox apparrel said owner John Henry would be a "dumbass moron" to try to keep Ellyson away from the park. They suggested keeping Julio Lugo away might be a better idea.

So, despite past cautionary tales, the public seems inclined to let Buchholz and Ellyson find their romance. Here's hoping he keeps her tied up at home.

Published on April 6, 2008 by TomWeston

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