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Lottery Gambling May Fund College for All Michigan Students

Free instate college may become available to all Michigan high school graduates if a state legislator's plan to use gambling and lotteries to fund higher education passes.

A Michigan state Representative has devised a plan to pay for college for all the state's high school graduates, using funding from lotteries and casino gambling. Fred Durhal, Jr., says the entire state's graduates could get tuition at state colleges paid through new lotteries and a contribution from casinos.

Under Durhal's proposal, Michigan would start three new lottery games earmarked for the college fund. In addition, he would ask casinos in the state to agree to donate one percent of revenue to the hiugher education cause.

Although there would still be a funding gap, Durhal says that could be made up by contributions given by corporations and wealthy residents who donate a small part of income tax refunds.

To qualify for the program, Durhal suggests that students must have resided in Miuchigan at least five years before their high school graduation, and finish high school with at least a 2.5 grade-point average. A year of community service would be required of any who used the state-pay option.

Students would still be responsible for room and board, as well as textbooks, as the program is only designed to cover tuition.

No comment was available from either licensed casino operators or tribal casinos.

Published on September 14, 2009 by PrestonLewis

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