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New Hampshire Double-Dips with Lottery Gambling Tax

New Hampshire has decided its large cut of lottery sales isn't enough, and now taxes gambling winnings an additional ten percent.

A letter published in the Nashua Telegraph illustrates the trouble that greedy governments can cause for themselves by seeking to drain even more from the golden goose that is gambling. New Hampshire, already receiving substantial revenue from its sale of lottery tickets, has imposed a gambling tax on jackpot winnings.

This means the state gets the resident coming and going. Not only is a disproportionate amount paid to the state from the gross income of the lottery, but now the prize is shrunk by ten percent in the off chance one wins.

In the letter, Leonard Jean writes that, as a current Florida resident originally from New Hampshire, he still purchases his Powerball tickets from the Granite State, as a show of loyalty. But now, facing a ten percent tax on winnings greater than $600, he is reconsidering his choice.

Gambling patrons are happy to play their games with the state benefiting, but they would like to receive reasonable odds. Organized crime offered significantly better odds on the numbers racket than any state lottery today, showing that government can be the biggest thief of all.

New Hampshire finds itself desperately seeking revenue, but turning to taxing the lottery winners may result in lottery players turning out of state as much as possible.

"They give the public a 999-1 prop that pays 500-1 (Pick-3), and then worry about how evil gambling is," says a Manchester bookie. "Seems to me that government is far more evil than guys taking bets could ever hope to be."

Published on September 27, 2009 by EdBradley

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