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NYC Police Observe Need for Regulated Sports Betting

New York's police commissioner noted that illegal sports betting is harmful, proving a need for regulate sports gambling.

Cherry Red Casino! The police commissioner of New York City pointed out this week exactly what gaming advocates have been saying, that illegal sports betting is hurting society. Gambling analysts have reported many times that regulating sports gambling is needed to end the massive sports wagering black market.

“Illegal gambling and money laundering are not victimless crimes," said Raymond W. Kelly at a press conference announcing a major sports betting raid. "The proceeds from illegal sports betting are used to fuel organized crime and support harmful criminal enterprises."

State lawmakers have asserted that sports betting exists even though the federal ban against it continues, only in an illegal and untaxed form. Delaware and New Jersey lead a number of states fighting the NFL and the Department of Justice on the laws making sports gambling illegal.

NFL representatives have claimed only a minute percentage of its fans are gambling, despite figures indicating sports wagering on football alone involves billions of dollars in illegal plays. Legislators wanting to regulate this activity both to create revenue and protect consumers argue that illegal sports betting is doing significant harm.

Kelly spoke at an announcement of the arrest of almost 40 people in a handful of states for taking almost $200 million in action over three years. The need to regulate sports betting and prevent this illegal gaming struck even the commissioner.

Published on April 11, 2010 by MattMiller

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