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Canada to Use Facial Recognition Software to Fight Problem Gaming

The Ontario Lottery is combating problem gambling by deploying facial recognition technology at all its land casinos, preventing self-excluded players from entering.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation will deploy scanners utilizing facial recognition software to prevent problem gamblers from entering their land-based casino operations. The devices will recognize persons who have been excluded, by themselves or otherwise, for compulsive gambling, and help security identify them so they don't slip inside.

The new systems will be installed at all Ontario Lottery gaming operations in the latter part of this year. An experimental test will be conducted in September.

The program will initially contain profiles of patrons who have applied to be self-excluded from casinos and gambling venues. Those participants will have to sign a written agreement asking to be banned from gaming facilities.

The system was developed by scientists at the University of Toronto. The professors who worked on the technology say it is more accurate than human observation, and will take the human misjudgements out of the process.

According to Ontario Lottery authorities, over ten thousand residents have applied to be excluded from gambling. The sign-ups include choices to be barred for six months, one year, and indefinitely.

Published on June 24, 2009 by PrestonLewis

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