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Playboy Pushes Poker Player Krupa for Dancing Award

Sometime-aspiring poker player Joanna Krupa aims to be the "Dancing with the Stars" champion, with a little help from Playboy.

The "Dancing with the Stars" competition is going beyond an appreciation of the merits to out-and-out lobbying, in this case by Playboy for erstwhile poker player Joanna Krupa. The magazine is e-mailing consumers, asking that they support the model-turned-card-player-turned-dancer by voting for her in the competition.

Krupa is one of several poker celebrities whose modeling has led to a strange relationship with the game. Her good looks and modeling portfolio gave her an opportunity as an on-air personality for poker television, and she used the exposure to publicize herself as a nascent student of poker.

While Krupa became the spokesmodel for Titan Poker, she also alluded to her own playing, receiving a reputation without having perhaps done her time in the trenches. Clearly, an attraction to cards would not slow Krupa's drive to fame, as she posed for Playboy and Sports Illustrated.

Krupa is in the current competition of "Dancing," competing against a group of barely-known celebs along with oddball inclusions like Tom DeLay, the former House Majority Leader, and ex-Dallas Cowboy Michael Irvin. Krupa already was near the top of a crowded field, but the push by Playboy to collect votes even from those not watching the show may lead her to the top.

Krupa doesn't even bother to her list what passes for her poker resume on her "Dancing" page, preferring to list her modeling accomplishments. But poker players will still remember her as one of the beauties of the game, if not one of poker's masters.

Published on October 5, 2009 by PrestonLewis

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