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New Football League Sees No Problem with Sports Betting

Organizers of the new United Football League pooh-poohed NFL claims that gambling is a threat to sports, and said they hope sports betting helps their league as much as it has the NFL.

Gambling may be a subject that causes National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell's eyes to bug out, but the innovators starting up the United Football League don't understand the NFL's problem with sports betting. UFL leaders have installed a team in Las Vegas, and say they hope gambling does as much for their game as it has for the NFL.

Michael Huyghue, commissioner of the UFL, says sports gambling has caused success for US pro sports leagues, and he welcomes lines being posted on his games by Las Vegas sports books.

"I think it's hypocritical to act like it (gambling) doesn't exist," said Huyghue in a press conference held at the Palms Casino. "We will embrace it."

The UFL will play its inaugural season with four teams, including Las Vegas, Florida, New York, and San Francisco. Teams are sprinkled with coaches and players with NFL experience, including Jim Fassel, who coached the New York Giants into the Super Bowl.

Huyghue asserted that, even if NFL executives refuse to acknowledge it, sports betting is essential in establishing public interest in games. He downplayed NFL terrors about disruption of game integrity, pointing out that sports gambling has co-existed for decades with football.

"The popularity of the NFL has grown abundantly because of that," said the new commissioner.

Published on August 11, 2009 by JoshuaMcCarthy

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