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Video Poker Proposed For North Carolina

Only two years after banning video poker in the midst of shadowy political scandals involving the gaming industry, North Carolina lawmakers are looking at bring back the games.! Two years after a law banning video poker gambling was passed, North Carolina is debating proposals to bring back the games. Industry leaders say the worries of the past can be overcome by proper regulation and oversight of the gaming machine industry.

Advocates for video poker say it could contribute significant revenue to the state budget, while permitting people the freedom to play as they wish. They point out the state already promotes gambling, and benefits from it, through the state lottery, so why not  video poker as well?

“We want taxation,” Chase Brooks, spokesman for the Entertainment Group of North Carolina, told a state House committee. “We want regulation. We want complete oversight over what we do.”

State Representative Earl Jones says charges that video poker would drain lottery funds being used for education says taxing the games and giving a part of that money to poor school districts would more than offset losses.

The proposal suggests requiring $200 annual licensing fees and tax at a 20 percent rate, which would generate an estimated $480 million each year for the state.

Published on July 12, 2009 by K.C.Carmichael

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