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World Tavern Poker Event Draws Rave Reviews in Las Vegas

"We take poker to a whole new level at these events..."

When people hear about a big poker series that happens in Las Vegas, one comes to mind right away. The World Series of Poker is held annually, and attracts the games biggest players.

The World Tavern Poker Open is a smaller event than the World Series, but the people who attended the five day event came away with nothing but good reviews.

The event is spread out over five days and there are three championship events held. One of the events, the National Tournament of Champions had players competing to win a seat in the 2008 WSOP.

There were also some fun events mixed in. The Bodog  Bounty Hunter tournament allowed people to win prizes for knocking World Tavern Poker team players out of the tournament.

Mike Massinger, the founder of World Tavern Poker, had this to say, "We take poker to a whole new level at these events. Poker tournaments themselves aren't always that exciting, but we add a whole new element with music, unique tournament formats and incredible parties."

WTP is the largest bar poker league in the United States, and they hold the WTPO twice a year.

Billy Scranton witnessed the event first hand and had this assessment of the week, "The energy that these people bring to their tournaments is second to none. It was nice to experience the lighter side of Las Vegas while still enjoying some high quality card playing."

Published on December 3, 2007 by A.J.Maldonado

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