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Online Gambling Limits Pushed Up by British Columbian Government

Officials at the British Columbia lottery are raising the maximum weekly betting total accepted at their online gambling website.

Play Now at Slots Plus Casino! The British Columbia Lottery Corporation plans on raising the maximum betting it accepts on its website from $120 a week to $10,000 weekly. Lottery officials say they made the controversial decision after conducting research that verified players can safely determine their own personal limits for online gambling.

The B.C. lottery uses its online site to sell lottery tickets, take sports bets, and play bingo and poker. Allowing higher limits will help the province raise total sales and increases government revenue.

"It gives them the opportunity, based on their own economics, to be able to set what they'd like to do," says lottery president Michael Graydon of allowing players the freedom to place larger bets.

Protests arose from those concerned that the lack of limits will contribute to a growth in problem gambling issues.

"This has been done with no consultation, as I can see, with people who are concerned about problem gambling," responded opposition member Shane Simpson.

Lottery officials said the new gaming limits were determined by them, and not members of the provincial government. They say the potential increase in revenue is a fortunate side-effect, but not the reason for the change in rules.

Published on August 20, 2009 by PrestonLewis

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