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Canadian Online Gambling Network Going Nationwide

Canada's provincial lotteries are joining together to create a national online gambling site, offering Internet casino players a safe and regulated series of sites.

Cherry Red Casino! The British Columbia Lottery Corporation is linking with other Canadian lotteries to permit online gambling access across the country, according to reports by the Canwest News Service. The company, owned by the province, will join with the Atlantic Lottery and Loto-Quebec to offer Internet gaming over a standardized platform.

Bob Rybak, a gambling consultant with the Atlantric Lottery said he expects the provinces not currently operating online casino games to join the project, giving Canada a unified system of Internet gambling. The new network would be accessible not only to computer users, but also through mobile phone applications.

Gambling critics showed their lack of education regarding problem gambling, saying the online gambling project would bring a great danger of increased problem gambling to Canada.

"Internet gambling is potentially the most problematic for people who have gambling addictions," said noted gambling opponent Shane Simpson. But most problem gambling experts are in agreement with the studies from Harvard Medical School and other objective sources that have found online gambling to be far less likely to result in compulsive gambling.

Rybak told a gaming conference in Montreal that Canadians spend almost a billion dollars annually on online casino gambling, and offering the national gaming sites will help generate revenue from that previously untaxed wealth.

Officials said concerns that online gambling will not properly protect children or gaming addicts will be addressed through software determining identity and location of players.

Published on May 16, 2010 by EdBradley

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