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Anti-Freedom Groups Support US Online Gambling Cash Seizures

Supposedly family-friendly religious groups united to salute the illegal freezing of bank accounts of money headed to online gambling patrons by the US government.

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Focus on the Family and other radical groups applauded the US government's unauthorized seizure of payment transaction bank accounts filled with cash headed to online gambling customers this week. The organizations say that by depriving tens of thousands of US residents of millions of dollars, the government is helping families.

The Focus website praises US officials for enforcing the UIGEA, even though the implementation of the UIGEA does not begin until December 1st. Focus also lists a number of like-minded organizations that have joined them in attempting to impose their lifestyle choices on others.

Despite the frequent use of the word family, and Focus' own description of the consortium as "pro-family," the assembled associations are primarily fundamentalist religious groups, seeking to force their beliefs on the rest of the US, says OCA analyst Sherman Bradley.

"The effects of gambling are pervasive, and they need to be stopped,” says Shari Rendall of Concerned Women of America. Others also call for the Department of Justice to attack online gaming.

“They should do everything they can within their power to curb it," says Ken Darnell, a founder of Gambling Exposed. He doesn't mention doing everything outside their legal power as well, although that seems to be fine with the assembled fanatics.

The groups suggest that gambling carries a threat of guaranteed financial loss, and see no problem in the government making that a self-fulfilling prophecy by grabbing the winnings of average, normal citizens. Outright lying is apparently acceptable as well.

"The prevalence of gambling addiction is three to four times higher with Internet gambling versus noninternet gambling," states a letter to Congress from the associations. This is simply not true, the opposite having been proven by Harvard Medical School in a long-term, in-depth study. 

"These close-minded people are only for freedom if it's the freedom to do exactly as they do," says Bradley. "Like free speech, it's not really liberty until you support something you yourself don't choose.

"They worry about the US becoming a national casino, yet many others worry about it becoming a national church, of a very narrow range of denominations. Still, freedom lovers support their right to choose their religion, as long as they don't impose it on us."



Published on June 12, 2009 by TomWeston

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Posted by: frank guarinoWhen: 06/16/2009 08:20:17 PM EST
It seems like we are living in the 1930's, like when they band boos.We all know what a mistake that was.