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Frank Defends Online Gambling as Freedom in Radio Interview

Barney Frank told interviewers at KNPR he thinks the personal freedom represented by online gambling outweighs the unsupported arguments that children need shelter from the Internet.

Play Now at Golden Casino! Barney Frank gave an interview to Nevada Public Radio last week, explaining why he thinks his Internet casino bill is important. Frank once again said allowing online gambling is a matter of personal freedom, and the Congressman poked holes in opponent's arguments.

Frank asserted that Internet gaming is a choice, and shouldn't be impinged upon by the government without adequate cause. When asked about claims from Spencer Bachus and others that online gambling puts children at risk, Frank deftly defended his regulatory bill.

Frank said it is "insensible to say the only danger on the Internet is gambling." The Massachusetts Representative pointed out that many products online are guarded by age restrictions.

"Age restriction happens all the time, it's nothing new," said Frank, wondering why anti-gambling foes act as if such technology were non-existent. He said the US employs such restrictions for cigarettes, alcohol, and certain sexual material, and he doesn't see why gambling is different.

While addiction is a danger, Frank said, it should be treated, just as he says addiction to video gaming needs treatment. He pointed out no one wants to ban video games, despite the addictive behavior often found among young gamers.

Bottom line, Frank said, is that in most cases, this one included, "government ought to mind its own business."

Published on June 7, 2009 by MattMiller

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