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Frank Online Gambling Bill Adds Support as Deadline Looms

Two key supporters joined the Representatives sworn to sponsor Barney Frank's online gambling regulatory bill.

Play Now at English Harbour! New co-sponsors for Barney Frank's bill proposing regulation of online gambling lined up even as delay brings the bill's timing precariously close to UIGEA implementation. Two Democratic Representatives announced they would join the other 66 leaders declaring backing for the Internet gaming bill.

Dina Titus of Nevada and William Owens of New York placed their names among the co-sponsors on April 15th. Titus giving her approval is seen by some as an auger of good things, as Nevada's Congressional delegation is heavily influenced by the land casino operators.

If Titus found it politically expedient to declare support for the online gambling bill, there can be some certainty she believes at least some of the big land gambling companies are alright with Internet casinos.

Still, the bill remains postponed from hearing after Frank's office mysteriously announced a scheduling conflict and suspended the bill's committee hearing after it had waited for a year to advance. And the companion bill, shelving the UIGEA enforcement plans for at least a year, may become urgent as less than a month is left of the six month Treasury extension.

Several Congressional measures already include financing clauses using revenue projected from the taxation of online gambling. Without continued progress through the legislature  by the Frank bill, a Treasury already questioning how it will pay for programs will have to scramble to cover billions in lost income.

Published on May 2, 2010 by JulieWong

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