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Greek Online Casino Operator Prepares for US Market

Greek online gambling giant Intralot is increasing US exposure by buying US gaming interests and operating lotteries.

Play Now at Rome Casino Intralot, the Greek online casino and gambling company whose operations are the second largest in the world, is making moves to prepare for an eventual entry into the US marketplace. Recently, Intralot purchased a third of US gaming firm CyberArts, with an option to buy a 51 percent majority share of the company in the future.

The Greek casino company already has some exposure in the US, as it provides ticket vending machines to the Arkansas state lottery, and has been in negotiations to lease other lotteries in the US. Intralot started as a provider for the Greek national lottery, and expanded to offer Internet gambling outside Greece, as the country does not allow online casinos.

Presently, Intralot does not accept US customers, honoring the UIGEA ban on Internet gambling. CyberArts, while a US company, only offer services overseas in Europe.

But any change in US gaming laws, as may happen with the looming debate on Barney Frank's plan to regulate US online gambling, may find Intralot ready to provide services rapidly to US consumers.

Intralot creates annual revenue over $1 billion by marketing and operating lottery, sports betting and online casino gaming in over 50 countries. Increased involvement in US lotteries and companies such as CyberArts brings the Internet casino company into position to act whenever the US law changes.

Published on December 30, 2009 by VirginiaMaddox

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