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Online Casinos May See Looser Italian Laws

The need to generate more state revenue has Italian legislators passing laws allowing online casinos and cash games at online poker rooms.

Like many governments around the world, Italy is struggling to replace revenues stripped by the recession, and is turning to online casinos as a source of more revenue. Internet gambling may be permitted in Italy by the end of the year, regulators say.

Presently, online casinos are severely restricted in Italy, and online poker rooms are only allowed to operate tournament style. Poker operators have been compelled by the government to limit Italian players to the special websites designed around Italian law.

The Senate is examining a law which would allow online casino gambling, as well as increasing scratch-off licenses, and introducing video lottery terminals and cash games for poker rooms.

While online casino operators anticipate entering the Italian market, the actual rules are still in progress, as new laws receive attention from regulatory bodies.

Now that the House has advanced the legislation, it is expected the Senate will confirm it without major changes.

Published on July 30, 2009 by A.J.Maldonado

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