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US Residents Becoming Aware Online Gambling Not Illegal

A study commissioned by a Canadian newspaper says the number of US residents fooled into believing there is a federal law against online gambling is declining.

Play the Best Slots at Superslots Casino! A new study says that the number of US residents unaware that there is no law against online gambling is declining. According to a survey by Ipsos Reid reported by the Toronto Sun, the number of Americans who mistakenly believe there is a federal law against Internet gaming dropped by four percent over the last three years.

The study shows that in 2007, 41 percent of US respondents said online gambling is illegal. In 2010, that number drops to 37 percent.

This means that, despite a persistent campaign by the Department of Justice and special interest groups including the NFL and religious evangelicals, the general public is becoming educated to the lack of a law that would make Internet gambling illegal. The DoJ claims the Wire Act makes online betting against the law, but courts have found the wording of that law to only apply to sports gambling.

The study also shows that half of US residents would prefer government regulation of online casinos. Federal regulation is preferred by 55 percent, while 45 percent say the states should individually craft their own rules.

A representative of the surveying company says the results show that "Americans feel more comfortable in playing betting games and gambling when there is a system of government regulation in place."

Published on March 28, 2010 by TomWeston

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