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Microgaming Online Casinos Change Poker Network Formats

Microgaming changed the currency and added a a new wrinkle to tournaments at the online casino operator's online poker network.

Play Now at Lucky 18 Casino! Microgaming's online casino network will shift from US dollars to Euros as the currency in which all transactions are made. Additionally, the gambling operator announced the addition of a new format, survivor tournaments, for poker players.

The survivor game is based on chip management against a clock. During the event, when time runs out on each level, the short-stacked player will be eliminated.

Levels advance until, at the top level, all remaining players are paid equally. The online interface will instruct players as to remaining time, number of players, and the current minimum necessary to advance.

“The Microgaming Poker Network is proud of this new and unique tournament offering," said Mark Pinan of the Microgaming Poker Network. "We predict that July is going to be a big month for tournament poker,”

Gaming experts speculate the currency change was made to further separate Microgaming from any visible connection to the US market. By using Euros, Microgaming is effectively telling the US government that it is respecting the current laws, so as to be considered a viable candidate for licensing if and when the US market is opened by new federal laws.

Published on July 15, 2009 by PrestonLewis

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