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Reports of Minnesota Dropping Online Casino Case Premature

Early reports of Minnesota officials withdrawing the order to Internet service providers to ban online casinos from state residents were premature, although possibly by only a day or two.

Apparently overcome with excitement at nearing a successful conclusion to its opposition of the Minnesota order telling ISPs to block online gambling sites, the Poker Players Alliance released a statement that the matter had been dropped by the state. While that agreement may be imminent, the demand that Internet service providers ban 200 online casinos from Minnesota residents has not yet been officially withdrawn.

Spokesmen for the Minnesota Department of Public Safety said no binding agreement had been reached, although there are some negotiations ongoing. Joe Brennan, Jr., chairman of iMEGA, which is suing to block the state request, also verified that the process is continuing but not completed.

The PPA statement said the announcement had originated with state Representative Pat Garofolo, who had introduced legislation to end the order. Garofolo said the case was closed as Minnesota had reconsidered its legal position, and gave praise to the PPA for helping to force the retraction.

"This is a great day for Internet freedom," said Garofalo. "In the spirit of cooperation and in recognition of the rescission of these notices, I am more than happy to withdraw my bill and in its place sponsor a discussion aimed at establishing a framework for regulating and licensing the online gaming industry."

No one on either side denied a deal may be close, just that the matter was not yet officially closed.

Published on June 5, 2009 by EdBradley

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