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New Hampshire Postpones Internet Casino Opening

Lottery officials in New Hampshire are postponing the debut of the state's online casino for a month, to give time to educate lawmakers on the system.! The New Hampshire lottery has decided to delay the scheduled July 1st opening for its online casino site. Recent criticism of lottery officials for not properly informing legislators of the plans to operate an online gambling website led to an announcement yesterday that the launch of the gaming site will be pushed back to allow "time to educate state leaders."

The Internet gaming was devised by lottery executives to help fill a gap between projected and realized revenues by the state. Lottery income in New Hampshire is falling about $7 million short of the expected sum of $75 million.

Governor John Lynch has asked that lottery games be organized so as to generate $100 million or more annually. But state lawmakers say they weren't consulted, and a delay of one month has been scheduled to sooth upset representatives.

The New Hampshire plan avoids entanglement with the UIGEA block of payment processing to Internet casinos by providing land-based payment centers, which then give access to players at online gambling sites. Tickets purchased at lottery centers carry access codes, which can then be used by patrons to play for the funded amount online.

The UIGEA bars payment to online gambling sites, as the US Department of Justice says all online gambling is illegal. However, no comment has been forthcoming from federal authorities on the New Hampshire plan.

“The Lottery is going to use the down time to educate state leaders about the new interactive game and its place in our portfolio of products,” New Hampshire lottery executive director Charlie McIntyre told the Nashua Telegraph.

Published on June 29, 2010 by EdBradley

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