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New Hampshire to Operate Online Casino Gambling

The state lottery in New Hampshire is opening an online casino, at which gambling patrons can redeem tickets purchased at lottery outlets for value at online gambling games.! Starting next week on July 1st, the state of New Hampshire will enter the online gambling industry. On that day, the New Hampshire Lottery will begin hosting play for four gambling games that some say are virtually the same as Internet slots.

Using software provided by the Greek Internet gaming company Intralot, the lottery will sell tickets as a way of funding gambling accounts. Once a player purchases a ticket, he can go online and enter a code number, giving him access to the online casino until he has used up the amount purchased.

Four games will initially be featured at the new lottery Internet gambling site. These include Super Slots, Speed Bingo, Baseball and New Hampshire Poker, all of which play in similar fashion to scratch-off cards.

"These are instant games that allow people to buy their ticket, and instead of scratching it they play it on the Internet," said the state lottery commissioner, Paul Holloway. "They just don't have to stand in the store and scratch it anymore."

Lottery revenue in the state is down almost ten percent from expectations, generating $68 million rather than the forecast $75 miliion. Governor John Lynch has said he wants revenue to reach $100 million or more annually.

Published on June 24, 2010 by EdBradley

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