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Intrastate Online Casinos Heading to New Jersey

New Jersey lawmakers took another step toward regulating intrastate online casinos this week as a state Senate committee approved a bill allowing online gambling to licensed casinos.

Play the Best Slots at Superslots Casino! New Jersey's state Senate received a bill from committee this week that could bring intrastate online casinos to the state's residents. The measure would allow licensed casinos in Atlantic City to operate on the Internet, taking bets from customers within state boundaries.

While federal prosecutors persist in trying to ban online gambling, New Jersey lawmakers have moved to avoid the UIGEA ban. By keeping both the operators of Internet casinos and the patrons inside state jurisdiction, New Jersey stays clear of the problematic federal law.

"This bill will provide an astounding number of revenues and jobs for the state of NJ for our casinos who are struggling and for reinvestment in Atlantic City," said Senator Ray Lesniak after the vote. Lesniak, who authored the bill, says over a half-million Jersey citizens play at online poker alone, gambling over $150 million a year.

Joe Brennan, Jr., of iMEGA  said on the group's website that creating regulation for intrastate online gambling could bring as much as $200 million in revenue, along with 1500 technical jobs.

The bill is opposed by the state's horse racing industry, as well as by casinos in neighboring states, all of whom stand to lose customers if the ease and convenience of online casinos is made readily available.

Published on June 6, 2010 by MattMiller

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