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Online Casino Patrons Seek Safe Gambling in Unregulated Waters

Players at online casinos and Internet poker rooms are concerned about the safety of their funds, after cheating scandals and government raids have left confidence at a low point.

A survey conducted by a European online casino operator finds that safety of deposits and winnings is among the biggest concerns of Internet gambling players. Having seen both scandals and attacks by their own governments, online gambling patrons want the reassurance that their money will be secure in accounts, while playing, and in the payment process.

While Betfair found that only a third of United Kingdom players were aware of the online poker account seizures by the US government, and only half of US players were informed, over 60 percent of those who knew were highly worried about their accounts.

Players responding to a poll last year said almost three in four were concerned with cheating at the online poker rooms. Now lack of regulation has led to a new worry, that the government may continue to prove how unsafe online gambling is by making its statements a self-fulfilling prophecy.

"The US government has told citizens online casinos are unsafe havens for their money, and then done its best to prove it by seizing the money and acting as the primary danger," says Online Casino Advisory gambling analyst Sherman Bradley.

Betfair's study shows that 76 percent of US players aware of the government seizures have changed their accounts to other online poker sites, attempting to find operators safe from the federal grasp. But Bradley says only passing proper legislation can stop the US Department of Justice, which refuses to honor even judicial decisions which went against it.

Published on July 20, 2009 by TomWeston

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