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Online Gambling News Sites Suggest Writing Congress on Frank Bill

As the online gambling regulation bill Barney Frank has patiently guided through Congress nears a Tuesday vote, news sites in the industry are campaigning for readers to write their legislators to voice their opinions.

Play Now at Slots Oasis! With Barney Frank's bill proposing a regulatory system for online gambling entering the markup phase, major news organs of the gaming industry are appealing to readers to voice their opinions to their Congressional delegates. Sites such as Casino Gambling Web are emphasizing that online casino patrons and Internet poker players need to express their feelings if they hope to have a safe, legal environment in which to pursue their entertainment.

CGW describes the failures of the UIGEA to either end Internet gambling, or to protect consumers. The site notes that the online casino ban only succeeded in driving out many honorable and legitimate gaming sites, leaving only a few honest operators in a sea of sharks eager to prey on US residents.

The writers also refer to a problem often discussed at Online Casino Advisory, the slippery slope created by Internet censorship and the undemocratic pattern such policy establishes. Comparisons are made to China's policing of the Internet, spying on citizens and closing off such economic drivers as Google to prevent residents from making choices of individual freedom about what they want to see on the net.

Frank's bill would begin a system of transparent, licensed online gambling operations, many of which would be run by major American gaming companies. Not only would consumers be protected, but taxes woulds be collected to the tune of $10 billion or more annually.

While phone calls to Representatives and Senators are welcome and far better than not speaking up, such political insiders as Chris Matthews have advised citizens seeking response from Congress that the most effective means of communicating with Congress is an old-fashioned, snail mail letter sent through the USPS.

The online gambling news services are listing the following links to assist readers in locating and contacting their proper Congressional members:

Link to Full Nine-Digit Zip Code Information to Ascertain Your Congressman

Link to US House of Representatives

Link to US Senators

Published on July 25, 2010 by TomWeston

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