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Online Poker Seizure Warrants May Face Public Unveiling

A motion to disclose the information contained in the sealed warrants granting permission to the US Department of Justice to seize money intended for US online poker players was heard today.

The motion by Costigan Media to unseal the warrants issued to permit the seizures of online poker bank accounts was heard Monday morning. Judge Laura Swain listened to arguments by the plaintiffs stating why the public has a right to view the warrants, and to arguments by the US Department of Justice as to why they should, at least presently, remain privileged information.

The judge apparently sees reason to keep some information confidential, but asked the government to give good reason that portions of the warrants can't be revealed. Government attorneys all but states more online poker payment seizures were being planned, speaking to the judge of ongoing criminal investigations.

Coming under particular scrutiny by the judge was the time-line of the warrants. This may apply to the seizing of accounts weeks before a warrant was obtained in at least some of the cases.

Judge Swain questioned government representatives in private chambers for almost an hour.

A decision in the case is expected sometime next week.

Online poker bank accounts, containing money being sent to US residents who won at online poker, were raided by the US DoJ several times in the month of June. Over $30 million was taken en route to US citizens and is being held by the government.

Published on July 27, 2009 by PrestonLewis

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