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California Budget Makes Online Poker Easy Pass, Says Lobbyist

The political representative for the Poker Voters of America says California

The dire financial straits of the California budget put the state's online poker proposal into great position to become law, says the main lobbyist for the Poker Voters of America. Chris Gallardo asserts the desperate need for revenue should usher in intrastate online poker as state lawmakers look anywhere for money to fund essential services.

Gallardo has been working the state legislature on behalf of the Poker Voters of America, an organization that concentrates on political expression for US and particularly California poker players. He thinks the need for state income, combined with inroads he has made into tribal councils opposed to Internet poker, may make the passing of the intrastate bill a done deal.

Research firms have estimated that online poker could generate $250 million a year in revenue for state coffers. The budget shortfall in California is thought to be likely to reach an astounding $25 billion by year's end.

Tribal lobbyists exercised their strength last year in fighting Internet poker, but Gallardo thinks the Indian groups are more accepting now of the proposal.

The PVA representative asserted that he had dealt with the tribes, and that he thought online poker would help them expand their gaming portfolios, rather than hurt them.

Published on June 26, 2009 by EdBradley

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