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Denmark Seizes Online Poker Winnings of Professional

A man whose sole source of support is playing online poker saw his winnings confiscated in a decision by the Supreme Court of Denmark, saying laws against professional gambling apply both to land and Internet.

The Supreme Court of Denmark upheld a forfeiture case against an online poker patron, saying he has to surrender $28,000 he won playing online. The court's ruling is based on a Danish law forbidding professional gambling.

According the the court's opinion, the man in question had used online poker as his sole means of support, which violates state law against using gambling as a livelihood. The player must obey Danish law when betting from Denmark, the court said, even if the online poker rooms were run from servers outside Danish jurisdiction.

While online gambling advocates called the ruling unfair, prosecutors said they did not intend to outlaw online poker, but merely to apply existing gaming law evenly to land-based and Internet venues.

"We will decide on a case by case basis whether someone is playing professionally," Crown Prosecutor Svend Larsen told the Copenhagen News.

The case bears some similarity to online poker payment seizures in the US, in which prosecutors are arguing that illegal gambling payments should be forfeited. Perhaps the biggest difference is that US law enforcement can't figure out which law it is that makes the gambling illegal.

Published on September 10, 2009 by JoshuaMcCarthy

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