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Lawsuit Accuses Online Poker Room Full Tilt of Basing in US

Full Tilt, one of the most popular Internet poker operators, is being sued in California for supposedly using software bots disguised as players to win hands on the site, and for accusing legitimate players of operating as bots themselves.

Play Now at Slots Oasis! An online poker player has filed a lawsuit against operator Full Tilt, in which the company is accused of being controlled from within the US and using software to control hand results. Lary Kennedy, a Full Tilt patron, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court against the company and pro players Howard Lederer, Phil Ivey, and Chris "Jesus" Ferguson.

Since the scandals at Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet, online gambling customers have been worried about software manipulation of Internet games. Kennedy alleges that bots are playing hands at Full Tilt with the knowledge and participation of the poker site.

Kennedy also says that Full Tilt has used a zero-tolerance policy instituted after the cheating scandals at the other poker rooms to accuse legitimate players of being bots, and seizing their money. Kennedy says this happened both to her and other players.

The pros are included in the suit because they are named on the site as having contributed to Full Tilt's design, and Kennedy says they are the controlling force behind the popular online poker room.

Full Tilt has asserted that it is regulated by the Kahanwake Gaming Commission, on Indian land in Canada.

Published on October 3, 2009 by MattMiller

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Recent Comments

Posted by: Eric SlatteryWhen: 12/23/2009 12:48:04 AM EST
I play at full tilt also and I have always felt like something was off with the way hands play out. It seems like the person with more chips in the hand always has an advantage. I have seen people with a 1% odds win hands and knock people out of tournaments in numerous times. I would like to find out more about this lawsuit if anyone can get back to me.
Posted by: mike steinhilberWhen: 10/20/2010 03:52:07 PM EST
i too feel like the guy that gos allin on every hand taking down paying costumers with bad hands but beats everbody out of money with bs i also would like to join a lawsuit. there is something going on and it seems the software is setting up me for loses not because i suck but because its designed to keep us consumers to putting more money in and what is with all the downloads is it really for graphics or are they figuring out how to set your betting style,but i do know they come right in to your account and wipe my money out,thieving my mney,and i agree with what i heard maybe bots or what a 1 percent hand cant hit three times in a row and its all inall three times. can i get some legal help too