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Online Poker Shows Narrow Vision in Two Plus Two Forum on iMEGA

A discussion over the Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association on the Two Plus Two online poker forums shows little regard for fellow gambling patrons by poker players.

Cherry Red Casino! A segment of the online poker community revealed itself to be unprincipled and self-centered, as the Two Plus Two forums discussed the site's endorsement of iMEGA. Many poker players commented negatively on the declaration of support, citing iMEGA's broader quest for legalizing all online gambling, rather than separating poker.

The stance offered by many posters is that once we get ours, who cares about those that didn't get theirs? A lack of philosophy is denoted by a common proclamation that poker is all that matters because that's what the posters play, and let online casino patrons and Internet sports betting customers take care of themselves.

The Two Plus Two operators are castigated for being disloyal to the Poker Players Alliance, even though there is careful wording to explain that the endorsement of one doesn't mean rejection of the other. Many raise the point that the fight may be tougher if poker is joined by other gambling forms, certainly a valid reason to abandon principle.

"Imega actually believes in true freedom where the PPA is just as hypocritical as the government is with its stances on other games of gambling,' says poster Myturn2raise, noting the tendency of the PPA to throw other gaming types under the bus.

But phils08 replies, "its just not OUR battle."

And Jack Frost, with all the heart and empathy of an iceman, says that "poker has a much better chance by not being lumped with sports betting.... you won't find many people here sympathetic to sports betting."

OCA gaming analyst Sherman Bradley says the argument chills him, as he sees gaming opponents taking advantage of selfish players who care only for their particular region of the gambling map.

"Gambling supportrs may be the majority, but a well-organized minority can beat a majority that is feuding among its members," says Bradley. "The lesson there is Texas, which has no legal gambling because of an inability to cooperate between gaming interests."

Published on June 10, 2009 by A.J.Maldonado

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