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Internet Casino Ban in Poland Attacked by Political Opposition

Poland's new ban on Internet casinos and gambling within the country is drawing severe criticism from opposition parties, who claim the law is a smokescreen to hide government corruption.

New Polish laws seeking to address government corruption by outlawing gambling and banning online casinos have come under fire by political opposition of the ruling Civic Platform Party. The Democratic Left Alliance says the gambling regulations were created to distract the public from endemic government corruption, and carry irregularities themselves.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk championed the Internet casino and gambling ban as a response to several revelations of bribery and influence trading by members of his party to gaming operators seeking favorable rulings. Tusk was forced to dismiss several close associates with ties to the scandals.

But critics said at the time that the gambling laws were enacted as a smokescreen, hiding a much deeper level of government corruption and bribery. It was noted that Tusk's personal ambitions to become Poland's President were best served by a quick end to the investigations of scandals.

But the suspicious removal of Law and Justice Party members from the new gambling commission have brought new cries of improper dealings concerning the gambling rules and government wrongdoing. Zbigniew Wasserman was dropped for the oversight board supposedly because advancing his opinion about the commission as a minister disqualifies him from the board.

Beata Kempa, another politician from Law and Justice, also was forced off the commission after pointing out irregularities in the gaming law and open questioning of Tusk and his government.

Published on December 31, 2009 by K.C.Carmichael

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