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Online Casino White List Frozen by UK

The highly desired position on the UK White List will not be available to any online casino in the near future, as regulators adjust conditions before expanding the list of approved gaming operators.

The United Kingdom government issued a statement confirming rumors that the White List of approved online casino sites will not review or add any new operators until at least 2010. UK regulators say they need time to study the UK Gambling Act before any changes to the White List are contemplated.

UK-based gambling interests have complained to authorities that foreign online casinos on the White List have advantages over them. The Department of Culture, Media, and Sport will attempt to even operating conditions, possibly by changing tax methods used for offshore Internet gambling sites.

UK observers are also upset by the lack of compliance to EU regulations regarding trade in online gambling by its fellow members. British politicians say the UK is allowing fair competition to EU nations, but not receiving it in turn.

The UK White List is comprised of online casinos that have met regulatory checks and standards, both for the operator and the licensing authority. The List is considered a hallmark of proper rules for responsible gaming by online casino companies, and a place on the List is highly sought.

But recent regulatory problems in Antigua have brought forth questions about the effectiveness of White Listing, as Antigua had just passed the testing. The Alan Stanford banking scandal implicates the highest level of banking regulators in Antigua, who are also in charge of gaming regulation.

Published on July 30, 2009 by MattMiller

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