Free Blackjack Rules and Online Blackjack Strategy

The goal of blackjack is for the player to get closer to 21 than the dealer without ever going over 21. All picture cards count as ten, aces can count either as 11 or 1, whatever is better for the hand, and numbers are, of course, the value of the number they depict.

To start a game of free blackjack all players are dealt two cards. The dealer also gets two cards, but only 1 of his are facing up, the other card remains hidden until all players having finished betting. When it's their turn a blackjack player can then either hit their cards to try to get closer to 21, or they can choose to stay at what they currently have. Once all players get their cards the dealer reveals his cards and if his total value is 16 or less he must take a card until it reaches 16 or above. If the player's hand beats the dealers hand without going over the player wins. If the dealer busts (goes over 21) anyone on the table who has not busted themselves automatically wins the hand.

If a player is dealt a picture card or ten, along with an ace in their first two cards, that is blackjack and an automatic win that pays out the bet plus 150% more.

Those are the basic rules of blackjack, but the strategies vary and can be much more complicated as to how to create the best odds for beating the dealer. That is why it is important to play our free blackjack game featured at this online page. Read the Wizard of Odds free blackjack strategies and practice them here. Don't go into a Vegas or online casino without practicing extensively using our free online blackjack, or else you can find yourself losing a lot of money very fast.

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