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The free slots in this section of the Online Casino Advisory are provided to all visitors without the necessity of big downloads. Simple click on any of the pics below and you will instantly be able to start playing the slot that you see. The majority of the video slots featured below have bonus games, wild symbols, and scatters. All the free games can be enlarged to fill up your entire computer screen.

New free slot machines will be added as soon as they become available to us from the software provider. So check back with us often to discover new additions.

Please note: if any of the slots below do not load correctly simply reload your page and that should fix the problem. Also, once you have had spent enough of your free time playing one casino game, close the window and you can instantly return to this page in order to start playing another one.

Play The Right Prize Video Slot Now! Play Free Slots at Rome Casino

Play all kinds of casino slot machine games with bonus rounds or just plain 3 reelers at Rome Casino, the newest and freshest casino to hit the market this year. Over 50 games that you can download and play right on your home computer, or even your PC or Mac.

Play the Las Vegas Video Slot Now! Las Vegas Video Slot

Las Vegas is one of the most exciting places on earth. The new Online Casino Advisory Las Vegas video slot machine is one of the most exciting new casino games on the Internet. Hit the symbols that get you to the bonus round and find yourself racking up cash as you travel around the Las Vegas strip. Visit casinos that have now long since been torn down!

Play the Dartagnan Slot Machine! Dartagnan Online Slot Machine

It's not quite Zorro, but it's pretty gosh darn close to it. This exciting adventure themed sword fighting slot machine was voted one of the most popular on our website. It features a bonus round, wild symbols, and a maximum jackpot of 50,000 coins. Take the horse and carriage bonus all the way to a huge win and feel like you are in the movies as you play on these slots.

Play the Da Vinci Video Slot Now! Da Vinci Video Slot

This is one of the first video slots with bonus rounds ever provided under this flash software system. Wild symbols of Da Vinci's most famous work, the Mona Lisa, will see extra winnings when many of the symbols appear. This is a colorful and fun free slot that most people found to be exciting and of high entertainment value. Win jackpots up to 75k coins.

Play the Lucky Luke Video Slot Now! Jungle Jimmy Video Slot Machine

Welcome to the Jungle, we got fun and games! The Jungle Jimmy video slot is one of the most adventorous free casino games on the Internet. Built by Bw3 this software is fresh, fast, and flash. The all new Jungle Jimmy is fun for the whole family, but only because it's free of course. Enjoy bonus rounds and wild symbols while you swing from vine to vine.

Play the Horse Racing Slot Now! Horse Racing Slot Machine

This is an interesting online slot. Sometimes players leave this game without figuring out how to play and that is a shame. First, you pick a jockey of either red, blue, or green. Then, you play the slot machine and try to get the color jockey you chose to appear on a pay line. If they do your jockey moves forward in the race. The further you go, the more you win.

Play the Paris Video Slot Now! Paris Video Slot Machine

There is nothing better than taking a long vacation, honeymoon, or anniversary to spend in the fabulous Paris. This great city is represented in this video slot machine in the form of symbols of Paris' greatest sites. The Eiffel Tower, the Cirque de Triumph, and many other landmarks will see a player win big if the symbols all hit on the same payline.

Play Our Free Space Runners Video Slot Now! Space Runners Video Slot

Now this is one heck of a fun free video slot. Spaceships, alien eyeballs, and outer space monsters are the symbols that make this game great. Hit a bonus round win and watch as spaceships drop from the sky and come to earth in order to give you big coin winnings. If you make this slot to the full size of your screen you will be overwhelmed with excitement.

Play the Royal Chess Video Slot Now! Royal Chess Video Slot

This is a simple five line video slot. There is a bonus round that can win a player a large amount of free spins, which can help add up winnings to exponential numbers. However, there are not as many fun features like most of the other games on this page have. The pawn, the rook, the horse, the knight, the queen, and the king are all represented as winning symbols.

Play the Cartoon Video Slot Now! Cartoons Video Slot Machine

This slot may have the sounds similar to what you recognize, but it simply is meant to represent the overall feel of Cartoons. Symbols may appear to look like characters you grew up loving, but they just generic symbols of animals in cartoonish animation. Bonus rounds, wild symbols, and scatters on winning paylines will help player to win big.

Play the Atlantis Video Slot Now! Atlantis Video Slot Machine

Although the idea behind this free video slot is somewhat breathtaking, the final result may not be all that exciting. The atmosphere in the Atlantis game is cool, but too simple to take seriously for too long of a time. The symbols are also a little too simple to be too much fun, but it is included here because the idea of the new game is just too hot to resist.

Play the Free Knights Slot Machine Now! Knight's Slot Machine

Knight's is one of the oldest slot machines this provider has featured. It features real Knights, unlike the Royal Chess game featured above that features the knight from a typical chess board. You will also find unicorns and other magical figures as winning symbols. Wild symbols and scatters are featured and the best part is that it is only four lines.

Play the Tokyo Video Slot Now! Tokyo Video Slot

This is another free slot machine that should be better than it turned out to be. The graphics that set the atmosphere for this game are soothing, but who wants soothing in an exciting slot machine? Tokyo is an amazing city and the symbols are set to an ancient time where culture was unique and fascinating. Wild symbols and bonus rounds are featured.