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A new study revealed that the most gender based game in the casino industry is bingo. Thirteen females, the study revealed, play online bingo for every one guy that plays. That is why the majority of bingo sites you will find online are decorated in stereotypical female colors. Light blues and pinks, oranges, flowers, and other gender specific symbols adorn online bingo sites.

Most of the places you can play at online will offer some kind of bonus just for signing up. Sometimes the bingo site will offer $5 for free. Other sites will offer coupons for free trips or cruises.

In that same study that discovered that females play online bingo thirteen to one over males, it was also discovered that females worry much more so about playing at a secure and safe site than do males. Therefore, we have reviewed below only a very few bingo sites that each are guaranteed to be safe and secure with your money and personal information. Any problems can be brought to our attention and we will serve to mediate until a satisfactory conclusion is met. However, we do not expect to ever hear any complaints from players at these sites.

Play at Bingo Hall Now! Play Online Bingo at Bingo Hall

Bingo Hall is the most popular bingo site on the Internet. This is where most Americans play, and where most ladies play. This is important because when you join a new online site you are really joining a new community of bingo lovers where you can expect to meet new friends.

Play Now at Vics Bingo! Play Online Bingo at Vics Bingo

Vics Bingo is one of the partner sites of Bingo Hall. It is not nearly as popular, but it is just as safe and secure. The colors are more devoted to pleasing typical female tastes. Lots of flowers and beautiful colors will fill your screen once you download the easy to use software.

Play Online at South Beach Bingo Now! Play Online Bingo at South Beach

South Beach Bingo is the most trendy of all the sites you will find on the Internet. It is slightly more popular than Vics, but still not nearly as popular as Bingo Hall. South Beach is not for Florida residents, it is for the rest of the world who to feel like they're in the oceans of Florida.

Free Internet Bingo

Clicking on the picture below will allow players to sign up at, the best free online bingo site. All you have to do is give your email address and some other minor details and you will instantly be able to start playing the game with other real people from around the world. You will be able to chat and discuss life issues while you play. We hope you enjoy.

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