Online Poker Rooms

The most popular game, some would say, sport, in the world is online poker. Estimates from 2006 are that more than 50 million poker players worldwide signed on to the Internet to play at least one hand of real money online poker. The numbers in 2007 hardly declined, even though the United States passed a law that tried to prohibit poker sites from offering their services to American players. Because there were a couple sites that did not interrupt service, the majority of poker players simply switched over to those sites and the game continued its growth.

The popular version of the game, Texas Hold 'em, can be played at all online poker rooms in either cash games or tournament play. A free online poker game is featured at the Online Casino Advisory. It is Caribbean Stud Poker, but it is a great tool for beginners who are still learning the hands to play first.

Below are the biggest, most played at, and reputable online poker rooms. They each use different software and they each accept players from different countries. Bodog and Full Tilt accept wagers from citizens in all countries, including the US.

Play Online Poker at Bodog Now! Play Now at Bodog Poker

Bodog has a sportsbook, a casino, and now even a poker room. This site is very popular because it allows players from all countries, including the United States, to play in real money cash games. Tournaments run by the minute and cash games are also packed with players. Stats here are competent 10k players at one time are typical.

Play Online Poker at Full Tilt Now! Play Now at Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt has been the most successful poker site since the US passed their draconian laws to try to ban certain casino games. This is the place that a majority of players went to following the UIGEA. It remains packed with players at all times. They feature bonuses for all new players who sign up and the tournaments here are endless.

Play Now at! Play Now at does not currently accept players from the United States. This is one of the top international poker rooms on the Internet. The table features at may be the coolest anywhere and the room is as 3D as can be without truly being in 3D. This room will be available to US players if the UIGEA is overturned.

Play Online Poker at Playboy! Play Now at Playboy Poker

This would be our bet for the online poker room to become the most popular if the UIGEA is overturned. Because the majority of players online are male, Playboy Poker could truly benefit by the promotions they run, such as winning a trip to the Playboy Mansion, if their software would allow gamers from the US. Their casino is also hot.