Penny Slots and Online Slots at Online Casinos

Gambling at online casinos is one of the most popular Internet activities. Behind poker, online slot machines are the most popular casino games. Slots online are actually considered to be better developed, more sophisticated, more graphically enhanced, and quite simply, more fun than the ones that can be found at Las Vegas and Indian style casinos. The variety and range of online slot machines featured at different online casinos is also one of the great benefits of playing online.

Progressive Slots - The majority of the time the progressives that can be found online are the more boring slots as far as graphics and bonus games go. However, all across the Internet progressives have been known to hit for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some sites even have progressives that hit for small numbers, which means your chances of hitting are more likely. All software providers develop progressive slots, and what they are truly does vary from one casino to another.

Video Slots - These types of slots are what makes gambling online so much fun. You can maximize the slot you are playing to the size of your computer monitor and enjoy each game in the full animation of colorful graphics as they are meant to be seen, all while you try to hit a big jackpot. These games typically feature bonus rounds that are nothing short of stunning. They also typically feature scatter symbols, wild symbols, and other bonuses that you will only discover by testing them out for yourself.

Penny Slots - A favorite of gaming enthusiasts, penny slots can be found at just about all online casinos. Whether you are a player in the USA looking for legal online casinos, or whether you are anywhere in the world, the penny slots featured at Internet sites are the coolest and most lucrative that be be played at anywhere in the world. Many of the games featured below are penny slots.

The greatest part of playing slots online is that the payout percentages are MUCH better than they are at land based casinos. At Las Vegas casinos, the payout percentages are usually set to about 85%. This means that for every dollar the casino gets, they give back .85 cents. At online casinos the payout percentages range from 92-98%. This means that for every dollar a slot takes in, it gives back up to .98 cents. That means that when you play at online web sites you have a ten to fifteen percent better chance of winning. This normally doesn't mean you will ultimately win, but it typically does mean your money will last a great deal longer.

You can also play our free online slots with no download needed.

Play The Osbournes Bonus Game at All Slots Now! Play The Osbourne's at All Slots

The Osbournes is one of the most publicized new slots Microgaming has ever put out. That is hard to believe since Microgaming puts out at least two to five new games every single month. This is a game intended to stimulate the UK crowd and so far it has achieved that goal.

Play Boogie Monsters at All Slots Now! Play Boogie Monsters at All Slots

Boogie Monsters is one of the newest Microgaming games. It is a video slot that features wild symbols, bonus rounds, and scatters. The theme is basically a play on the imaginary kiddie fears of a monster under the bed, only these monsters know how to boogie. Rated a top new game.

Play the Beach Life Bonus Slot at Europa Casino! Play Beach Life at Europa Casino

Playtech casinos have been declining in popularity since they made all their brands stop serving US customers, but the games they feature actually have gotten much better and it shows with this Beach Life video slot. It feature a cool bonus game and scatter symbols.

Play Mystique's Slot at Playboy Casino! Play the Mystique Slot at Playboy Casino

The video slots at Playboy Casino are smoking hot. Every month they come out with a new game that is voted on the month before by players who wish to see their favorite Playboy Playmate appear as sexy symbols in their new bonus game. This month they feature Mystique, a beautiful 'Bunny'.

Play Progressive Online Slots at Golden Palace! Play Wall Street Fever at Golden Palace

Wall Street Fever is a progressive slot that can be found at all Playtech powered casinos. Golden Palace was one of the first to feature the game that has now paid out millions of dollars in winnings. This game was advanced when it first came out, but has since been outdone.

Play Cashanova Bonus Slot at All Jackpots Now! Play Cashanova Online at All Jackpots

Cashanova has one of the coolest bonus games featured at Microgaming casinos. The bonus round is hard to come by, but if you come by it you will will watch as a rooster tries to court a beautiful hen and if this bird 'Don Juan' actually picks her up you will be handsomely rewarded.

Play Fruit Mania at Vegas Red Casino! Play Progressive Slots at Vegas Red

Fruit Mania is the absolute classic progressive slot machine featured at all Playtech branded online casinos. It is a five line progressive that has a bonus round. In the past few years this slot has not been known to pay out too well with small wins, but it does occasionally see jackpot winners.

Play the Loaded Bonus Online Slot Machines at All Jackpots! Play the Loaded Video Slot at All Jackpots

Loaded is an urban online slot machine that features a bonus round, wild symbols, scatters, and really 'dope' music. The symbols are a rapper showing off his bling, and scantily clad backup singers who want to 'roll' with the main rapper. This game pays out big when bonuses are hit.